The Everyday

More than a fad, but an enduring and authentic new expression of refreshment.

We are a female founded and operated business crafting sparkling whole plant infused beverages.

Born alongside the legalization of recreational cannabis in Oregon, our beverages introduce the benefits of cannabinoids to new consumers and enthusiasts in a thoughtful and inspired concoction. Aurora’s inspirations are the Goddess of the Dawn and the Northern Lights – both the visually stimulating natural phenomenon in the northern hemisphere and the first strain of highest quality marijuana introduced to our founder in her youth growing up in Brooklyn.

Victoria Pustynsky,

Female Founded
& Operated

This year, our offerings have expanded to include sparkling beverages infused with Pacific Northwest grown hops extract. After blending and tasting over a dozen combinations of adaptogenic plants and herbs associated with relaxation, restoration, and cleansing – similar to hemp extract – we found that hops are a natural line extension to our flagship hemp products. Hops and hemp both belong to the Cannabaceae plant family and share many flavors and aromas. Bitter, floral, and citrusy, our hops infused elixirs are elevated non-alcoholic refreshments with wonderfully soothing benefits.


Our Ingredients

We developed a proprietary blend of broad spectrum distillates and raw extract oils to preserve the aroma, flavor, and efficacy of our source ingredients.

Our Flavors

Our botanical blends strive to enhance the citrus, earthy, and floral notes of our whole plant extracts, the dominant terpenes in cannabis are the inspiration for our flavors.

Our Partners

Our hemp and hops are grown organically and sustainably in Oregon and Washington.



Meet Our Founder

Victoria Pustynsky began her career as a sales & marketing professional in the wine & spirits industry.