Our production home, Eos Bottling & Packaging

Our production home, Eos Bottling & Packaging

We weren’t satisfied having other folks make our drinks so we decided to make them ourselves. We are proud to operate our own beverage facility outside of Portland, Oregon where we make our sparkling beverages in small batches to ensure the quality and consistency that is uniquely Aurora.

Interested in collaborating or co-packing?

Specializing in start-up to mid-size non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing,
we offer process consultation for new drinks businesses seeking packaging solutions for carbonated or still soft drinks & waters, infused beverages, or NA RTDs in glass bottles or cans.

What we offer:
RO Water
7 & 30 Barrel Brite Tanks
Batch Pasteurizers
Process Consultation
Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Steam Tunnel Pasteurizer
Conveyor Belt System
Multi-Size Tanks

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info@eos-co.com for more