Meet Our Founder

Founder & CEO of Aurora Elixirs

Victoria began her career as a sales & marketing professional in the wine & spirits industry, after a decade of working in restaurants and bars. Growing up amongst the Brooklyn diaspora in a Russian immigrant family led to deep rooted interest in international travel and exploring culture through food & drink. This passion for travel led her to study and later, work abroad throughout the former Soviet Union in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev, Ukraine.

Her fluency in the Russian language gave her access to the kitchens of Moscow, cognac distilleries in Armenia, a new wave of wineries in the Republic of Georgia, and a historic vodka distillery in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.

When she finally reached a threshold with vodka, pickled vegetables, and cured meats, she completed her MBA and went to work for a French wine & spirits importer, marketing and selling luxury spirits, champagne, and a global wine portfolio.

After several years leading a team in beverage sales in New York City restaurants, bars, hotels, and nightclubs, she sought a lifestyle change that was more fitting for a new mother. She left NYC for Portland, Oregon to work with the state’s rapidly expanding wine industry. In 2016, wine & weed were both blossoming in Oregon and Victoria was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and emerging recreational cannabis industries. A long time recreational cannabis user and beverage enthusiast, she was motivated to combine the two while applying refined sensibilities and savvy to elevate the category. Aurora Elixirs was created for an inspired ‘apéritif’ experience that evokes balance and restoration without intoxication.

Victoria is mother to a 9 year old boy with an enviable imagination, a pre-Covid yoga and fitness instructor on the weekends, and a lover of fancy clothes that she finds occasion to wear while cooking, baking, and entertaining at home.