Spring Is Here

Spring teaser: Hops

Home brewers in the house? If you are in the Pacific Northwest, or another region hospitable to hops, and growing these aromatic buds is in your plan, then plant your favorite variety in the early spring after the last frost.

Exploring the available varieties to add aroma and bitter to your brews?

These are our favorites:

Citra® HOPS is the variety du jour in the brewing world. Intensely aromatic and full of citrus flavor it pairs well with other popular hops varieties, but can carry a beverage on its own- like our Sparkling Pomelo Sage hops beverage.
Mosaic® HOPS bring bitter and sweet fruit into the mix. Characterized by a berry-forward aromas, adding mosaic to a brew delivers notes of tangerine, peach, passion fruit, and blueberry that we combine with added citrus, floral, and black pepper in our Yuzu Orange-Blossom hops drinks.
Shop our Hops Variety pack for a taste of both fabulous flavors.

Check out our friends at Yakima Valley Hops to learn more about local hops varieties.