Gemini Season is Here!

Gemini Season

Team Aurora is full of airy, exhilarating, and overly curious Gemini energy. I myself am a textbook “twin” (June 2) who craves connection, constant communication, creative energy, and both mental and physical exertion. My brother Jeff (May 28) is more stoic, less chatty, but observant, flexible, and the ultimate multitasker- which helps him excel in his role as Operations Director. Ashley, our Production Manager, is the third Gemini on the team (June 6). Another highly adaptable multitasker and adept problem solver with a talent for making connections and creative solutions. 

My personal circle is filled with sometimes frantic, but never boring, Gemini energy. My son was also born in the third sign of the zodiac (May 28); my brother’s fiancee, future sister-in-law (June 19), and two closest college girlfriends (May 28, May 31) all guarantee a season filled with excitement, celebration, and activity. 

Whether or not you are born into this air sign, the Gemini season brings buzzy energy to the forefront.  A time for fresh air and sparkling light, for ideas and conversation. 

This month, we launch our new line of canned hops drinks: Lolo Hops. Lively, expressive, and light, Lolo fits right in with the Gemini profiles. 

Help us welcome Lolo to our family of brands. 

Making Lolo Hops and Aurora Elixirs part of routine could help taper some of the chaos that comes with buzzing, extroverted energy of the season. The natural adaptogenic properties of our whole plant hops and hemp extracts; herbal nervines that support the nervous system; assist in an endeavor to slow down, stay present, and get grounded.

No matter your zodiac sign, we can all use the soothing refreshment of a Lolo hops beverages to rejuvenate and restore our senses.