Balance Your High

Balance Your High

Victoria muses about marijuana on 4/20/20

Most years April 20th comes and goes without much notice. It is the week of my husband’s, sister-in-law’s and mother’s joint birthday and also of my parents’ anniversary (my mother married my father on her birthday). That has kept me busy each year when 4/20 rolls around.

This year, even though it is difficult to keep track of what the date is, thanks to our daily Zoom calls, my team keeps reminding me that 4/20 is just around the corner. Although we don’t talk much about cannabis in our brand story, the plant is the base and the inspiration for our product. When I started the company back in 2017, the intention was to make low-dose, whole plant THC infused sparkling drinks that were herbal and filled with terpene rich botanicals.

We experimented with alcohol extractions and bought bulk trim to run through a Magical Butter machine (a countertop extractor used for making edibles at home) and formulated concoctions in the kitchen with lavender flowers, black peppercorns, and citrus peels.

Aurora, our brand name, is more than a mythological reference or a natural phenomenon, it is a nod to the first ‘brand’ of marijuana I smoked way back when I was a kid in Brooklyn – The Northern Lights.

This 4/20, I will be seeking out the dreamy euphoria I remember from my early experiences with the famous Northern Lights strain. I am picking up some sticky, fruity indica flower from Attis Dispensary and pairing it with the spicy tang of a cold Cayenne Citron Sparkling Hemp Beverage.

Consider adding Aurora Elixirs to your annual or daily 4:20 routine to enhance your balance and stay hydrated and refreshed. Cheers!

Founder & CEO,

Image courtesy of Klersun