What happens when two forces collide….

Before the recent proliferation of non-alcoholic mocktails, and ready-to-drink alcohol alternatives, CBD drinks and cannabis infused beverages were much less commonplace and considered truly innovative. When I was first introduced to Artet, one of the early entrants into cannabis infusions, Marcia Gagliardi from My Milligram showed me the beautiful blue bottle of the first cannabis infused aperitif on her IG feed, adding that I should check it out because our brands are totally aligned. A short while after, I tasted Artet at a cannabis drinks event in Oakland called “California Sober.” The Artet team was slinging “Tet & Tonic”, low THC, alcohol free cocktails, from behind a foldout table. When we introduced ourselves, we had a lot to talk about. It didn’t take long to figure out that our similarities extended beyond our views on quality cannabis cocktails and that the conversation wouldn’t end there…

Several months later, the Aurora-Artet collaboration officially began as a practical way for Artet to bring their brand and recipe to new consumers. Their botanical and cannabis-infused aperitifs are only sold within the California dispensary system, but their potential reach and brand enthusiasm extends beyond that. Aurora x Artet evolved to become a fun and exciting exploration of flavors and a melding of two like-minded brand philosophies, resulting in a hemp infusion that blends the best of both. 

At Aurora, we are fortunate to have a team with great palates honed in the wine industry, a rich ingredient and flavor library, and the ability to blend and bottle at our own facility outside Portland, Oregon where we are based. Once the Aurora and Artet teams agreed to bottle a botanically-inspired spritz-like beverage, our team explored the primary notes of Artet’s flagship cannabis infused aperitif to hone in on the flavors and aromas that would best compliment our locally sourced hemp extract. 

We collectively identified bright, tart citrus, floral, soothing chamomile, and an earthy backbone of coriander seed and oak. Consistent with Aurora hemp concoctions, we add an invigorating bitter note with a touch of quinine balanced with organic pure cane sugar. The resulting blends are a true reflection of the process of collaboration, “Aurora Elixirs, but with a complimentary masculine richness.” Absolutely delicious and refreshing on its own, the Aurora x Artet sparkling hemp apéritifs will transport you to the Mediterranean. It also mixes well with a spirit of your choice.